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QVTU Classes | Couldn’t Love You More, My Dear New Semester

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New Semester, New Look.

 Students come back to the campus with passion and enthusiasm, and what awaits them is the innovative ideas and novelties prepared by teachers. Get on board now! A fantastic study journey this semester is about to begin.

On February 13, Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University started the first class at the beginning of the new spring semester. The university leaders together with the colleagues in charge of each department, school, and academy inspected the teaching situation, classroom discipline, and campus operation. In the first week of this semester, all kinds of teaching equipment were in proper operation. Adequate teaching preparation ensured orderly running. Teachers and students, both full of spirit and energy, interacted well in class, which helped spread a strong learning atmosphere.

1.Stories of historical figures making tennis lesson fun

When lecturing the tennis course for students in Grade 2021 Class 6 majoring in Tennis, Professor Fu Qian started the class with the stories of three historical figures of Fujian Province including sports master John Mo, mathematician Chen Jingrun, and national hero Zheng Chenggong, which greatly intrigued the students about the tennis class.

Then, Fu Qian listed the requirements for developing lifelong physical exercise ability of college students, namely, cultivating interest in sports, fostering sports ability, forming the habit of working out, and establishing an active awareness of physical exercise. Physical education enables students to build up their bodies, improve their physical fitness and remain vigorous.

2.Talking about programming from the perspective of The Yijing ( "Book of Changes")

“Many disciplines require abstract thinking, and which discipline is the most abstract one?” The course Python Programming lectured by Mr. Cai Jincheng of the School of Gokteck Digital Industry is always unique. At the beginning of this semester, he started his programming class with The Yijing from thousands of years ago. His lecturing was easy to be understood and interesting, and the students were absorbed in his presentation. Then, he took the view on technique and morality to guide the students to learn technology while cultivating virtue for greater growth and life wisdom. Good at explaining by quoting the classics, Mr. Cai turned the first programming class into a journey rich in culture and flavor.

3.A new semester full of “energy”

“Thermal Engineering is a course about energy, and I hope that all students can stay energetic throughout this new semester.” Mr. Yao Jing of the School of Energy arrived ten minutes early at classroom B213 where he would give a lecture to the students in Grade 2021 Class 1 majoring in Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering in the first session of the afternoon. He tracked the student attendance first and then checked the pre-study tasks arranged before the class. From the wind energy by the sea to the thermal energy deep underground, and from the solar energy to the wind and water energy, he talked about various energy forms and even elaborated on energy by combining the physics knowledge learned in high school from time to time. Time quietly flowed through the glass window and the QVTU classroom.

4.First lesson, interesting and brain-burning

“Will the accounting profession be replaced by AI?” When starting the first lesson of this semester, Mr. Zheng Weiqing of the School of Business raised this question, which caught the attention of the students in Grade 2021 Class 5 majoring in Big Data and Accounting. After the students submitted their answers, he raised two more brain-burning questions again. “Why should Big Data be added in front of the Accounting profession” “Why should an accountant learn Python?” His inspiring questions came one after another. He also cited the actor’s lines in the TV series The Knockout saying that “Ask the accountant to be the scapegoat and he will be released in just three to five years”, and questioned the students about what professional ethics should accountants be aware of. “How does Viya (an E-commerce anchor) evade taxes?” ...... Unknowingly, the bell rang for the end of the class.

5.A laugh-out-loud art journey

What do you imagine the course Introduction to Art would be like? Boring, or tedious?

The answer is “No”! The lesson by Ms. Deng Jieying of the School of Art and Media began with an upside-down urinal! “This work is called Fountain, a masterpiece by Marcel Duchamp, which unveiled the Avant-Garde art.” Inside the tidy classroom, along with the short videos introducing art history prepared by Ms. Deng, students squealed and laughed from time to time. From the origin and development of art to the creation of art, then to the appreciation of works of art, Ms. Deng’s class this semester has aroused the intense interest of the students.

6.Surfing in the virtual world of architecture.

In the first class of the course Application of BIM Technology by Mr. Chen Peiyuan, a teacher from the School of Human Settlements, students in Grade 2021 majoring in Architectural Engineering were brought to a live competition in the workplace. Some students in Grade 2019 competed with students from other undergraduate colleges and universities for jobs in design institutes. Finally, they won because they have mastered BIM technology and obtained professional skill certificates. What’s more, they were directly employed and a trial period was not required! BIM(Building Information Modeling)from manual hand drawing to CAD drawing, and then to three-dimension, the use of this technology stands at the cutting-edge of architectural engineering. Mr. Chen is the pioneer of BIM teaching in Fujian Province, and under his leadership students have won 33 national first prizes in four years. Now, let’s surf in the virtual world of architecture with Mr. Chen!

7.Thoroughly grasping circuit theory by singing and storytelling.

“Who says only those standing in the light can be called heroes? Your mottled spots are unique……” During the course Circuit Theory lectured by Ms. Chen Longyan, this pop song was chorused melodiously by students of Class 1 enrolled in the year 2021 majoring in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, and Automation from the School of Intelligent Manufacturing. To stimulate students’ interest in theoretical courses, Chen Longyan asked them to sing with the microphone and guided them to think about the circuit principle of the microphone.

At the same time, Ms Chen told the story of Lee de Forest, the inventor of the Triode Vacuum Tube who kept exploring the road of science, in order to inspire students to learn from the learning attitude and scientific research spirit of scientists who were brave to overcome difficulties, persistently pursue the truth, and never give up until the goals were achieved.

8.Building core competencies for employment

“Are you clear about your career interests?” “Are you clear about what type of work you are capable of?” “Have you inventoried your strengths and applied them effectively?” ...... During the course Career Guidance, Ms. Shi Mengjiao listed 10 questions to assess students’ job preparation readiness and coached them to prepare for their job hunting.

Shi Mengjiao told the students that before job hunting, they need to know their core competencies, select an industry, choose several targeted enterprises, determine the post, develop regional cities, and do research work well. At the same time, she also cited Yu Minhong, Ma Yun, Dai Qingli, He Weifeng and others as examples and introduced their experience in job hunting and entrepreneurship, in order to encourage students to set goals, make plans and motivate their interest in learning. Only with core competencies can students find a good job.

9.Hard and soft skills cultivation

“When engaged in automotive after-sales service, students not only need to have excellent knowledge of car maintenance but also need to possess various service abilities”, said Ms. Zheng Liping, teacher of the course Automotive After-Sales Service for the students of Class 1 enrolled in the year 2020 majoring in Automotive Service Engineering.

She introduced that the consultant of automotive after-sales service is the first window of the automobile sales enterprise, which requires not only educational background, experience, and excellent knowledge of car maintenance, but also language competence, communication skills, the ability to improvise, knowledge of insurance and legal norms and so on. At the same time, students need to have a strong sense of responsibility, professional ethics, and psychological quality in order to serve customers well and achieve customer satisfaction.

10.Library: 40,000 new books purchased

As the new semester has started, the library becomes a favorite spot for students again. The librarian is shelving new books, beside which students immerse themselves in books.

This year, the library will purchase 40,000 new books to meet the needs of students. Several reading activities will be organized one after another. A campus filled with the fragrance of books is worth looking forward to.

New hopes will blossom and new dreams will be fulfilled in the new semester. Let’s get together and set foot on a new journey.