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The First-ever McDonald’s Drive-Thru in China’s Universities Opened in QVTU

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On the first day of the new semester, QVTU prepared a big gift for QVTUer--The first-ever McDonald’s Drive-Thru in China’s universities opened in QVTU.

On the first day of the new semester, QVTU prepared a big gift for QVTUer--The first-ever McDonald’s Drive-Thru in China’s universities opened in QVTU.

After the winter vacation, the students returned to campus and were amazed by the huge and eye-catching “M” logo at the school gate! “Has McDonald’s opened in our school?” exclaimed many of the students. Everyone was excited and proud about this new addition, and they took to TikTok, WeChat Moments, and other apps to share videos and photos of the McDonald’s Drive-Thru.

At 10:18 a.m., the opening ceremony of McDonald’s began. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Wu Jiansheng, school affairs consultant, Ms. Wu Luyin, vice chairman of QVTU, Mr. Yang Yingcong, head of the Brand Communication Department, Mr. Xie Linsheng, operation director of McDonald’s Fujian market, and all ralted staff.

Ronald McDonald and the college staff’s children danced together to celebrate the opening

The traditional lion dance came to the opening.

Under the golden giant “golden arch”, 12 children danced happily with jubilant music, while the traditional lion dance accompanied by the sound of drums added to the festive atmosphere. The lovely golden and red lions bounced around, sending good wishes for the opening ceremony. There was also a mysterious friend, Ronald McDonald, who came to the opening specially to play interactive games with the children in a cheerful song and dance, making the whole ribbon-cutting activity more joyful.

During the event, Mr. Zheng Zongji delivered an opening speech, elaborating on the company’s positioning, and expressing his support for McDonald’s as well as sending good wishes. He said, “QVTU Drive-Thru adopts the EI design style, integrating family, love and laughter, so that every consumer can enjoy a unique relaxed, comfortable and warm family dining experience.”

Following that, general manager Mr. Wang Weixu delivered an enthusiastic speech, expressing his confidence in the development of McDonald’s at QVTU. He will lead all management team and staff of McDonald’s at QVTU to wholeheartedly provide high-quality products, excellent services and a clean and comfortable dining environment for every customer who comes to the restaurant, and serve the community where the restaurant is located.

In the lion dance session, Mr. Xie Linsheng and Mr. Wu Jiansheng jointly dotted the lion, “Firstly dot the left eye into gold, meaning gold shining. Secondly, dot the right eye into silver, meaning silver light. Thirdly dot the forehead, indicating high fame. The fourth is to dot the lion’s mouth, signifying prosperous business and prosperity.”

Finally, the leaders and guests cut the ribbon for the opening. A wave of the golden scissors signifies the prosperity of business!

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the McDonald’s was officially opened. The restaurant attracted a large number of students, faculties and staff of QVTU and the surrounding residents on that day. The restaurant has soft and warm lights, bright french window, golden decorations, tables and chairs, and colorful wall paintings. Customers enjoyed Chicken McNuggets, Spicy Chicken Wings, Grilled Chicken Burger, and Angus MAX Beef Burger, all of which are delicious and evocative.

McDonald’s is the leader of the global retail food service industry, ranking the top 10 of the BrandZ Global Most Valuable Brands list for 13 consecutive years. 2020 saw McDonald’s ranked ninth on the list, and was the only catering service enterprise in the top ten, with a brand value of more than 129,321 million dollars.

On November 25, 2020, QVTU and Xiamen Golden Arches Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the cooperation between university and the enterprise of modern apprenticeship.

In November 2020, QVTU’s Business School and Xiamen Golden Arches Co., Ltd. launched a comprehensive cooperation on modern apprenticeship classes. McDonald’s launched the “Youth Unlimited” modern apprenticeship program, which set the goal for the McDonald’s apprenticeship class to enable students to become a restaurant department manager in charge of a large store before they graduate. The training program of McDonald’s Modern Apprenticeship is a combination of theoretical courses and practical operations. Through basic job learning, students can gradually switch to core management positions and develop leadership skills in marketing, human resources and financial management, so that they can master professional skills and enhance professionalism before employment.

QVTU’s Business School and McDonald’s have integrated the “modern apprenticeship” model into the modular teaching reform of professional clusters, jointly developed the course system, curriculum content and implementation plan of the “regional management” module, and formed a university-enterprise joint faculty. By combining work and learning and building a “business-oriented, real-life task-based model”, students can better grasp the theory and skills to apply their learning, prepare for employment after graduation, and embark on a sustainable career path. Since 2019, 105 students from QVTU have been employed at McDonald’s.



The first McDonald’s Drive-Thru in China’s universities, built by QVTU and McDonald’s, provides a high-quality living experience for teachers, students and nearby residents, prospers the university trading area, stimulates more possibilities for the regional business. More importantly, it creates a platform for brand aggregation of entrepreneurial universities, school-enterprise collaboration to cultivate talents, and further deepens the integration of schools and enterprises.

QVTU deserves more expectations.

McDonald’s Drive-Thru is the special name of McDonald’s. It has been nearly 50 years since the first McDonald’s Drive-Thru was established in 1975.

Drive-Thru is a new fast food service mode. Its special feature is that the driver can easily accomplish “order-checkout-pick up” without getting out of the car. The whole time is controlled within 3 minutes, which is in line with the fast pace of people’s life. In addition, with no physical contact involved, ordering is both safe and efficient, which gives people who are anxious to buy food another new choice.